Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Poem for Artemis

My power lies in silence
There is a wholeness, a harmony
From which rude speech
Can only detract
When I move in rhythm
Then I can connect
To all the rustlings and stirrings –
The soft and subtle sounds
That can so easily be missed
My power lies in silence
And I allow my body to speak
Muscles moving smoothly
Fully embodied wisdom
Flowing through me
Wild, unfettered and utterly free
Frankly sexual, yet totally pure
Sacred love, body of Goddess,
Gifts of flesh and spirit overflowing
From the endless cup
Still, what the maiden does
After the thrill of the hunt
Never can change her,
Never restrain her
My power lies in silence
Ever virgin I am and will remain
Running under the Moon
Hunter and hunted
I live and die and live again
The sacred dance of life
That turns the Wheel
My power lies in silence
A silence greater than words
Beyond them as the stars
Are beyond the clouds

In the immaculate sky

Copyright Tanaria Lightbearer 1/29/17

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